Be one of the first medical providers registered to participate in the Panama City, Panama Stem Cell Clinic, and FDA Clinical Trials by agreeing with patient consent to share valuable outcome information.

Join a select group of Medical Professionals sharing such information with an FDA Trial while advancing cutting edge Stem Cell Therapies not currently available or with unclear FDA guidance as to the legality of future use in the United States.

US-based Physician Members will be essential in all procedures as testing on all patients and evaluations will be necessary for proper efficacy and to rule out undesirable preexisting conditions. Such participation will present additional income opportunities as well as act as a safeguard for practices wishing to offer donor-based systemic stem cell, exosomes, and other regenerative therapies which are currently not approved by or could receive greater scrutiny by the FDA in the near future.

More detailed information will be provided in a phone interview.

IND or Investigational New Drug applications are proprietary in nature and therefore all forthcoming FDA Approved IND Trial information and the medical conditions addressed will not be available until FDA Approved, made public and available on www.clinicaltrials.gov. A background check on all Medical Professionals and phone interviews will be required of all participants.