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Developing Stem Cell Tissue Therapies for the 21st Century

Akan Biosciences, LLC is a biotechnology and cellular therapy company developing next-generation injectable products for the treatment of degenerative diseases and injury. Akan Bio is developing cellular therapies and proprietary manufacturing methods to produce stem cell-based therapies using state-of-the-art tissue engineering utilizing Akan’s proprietary Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) enzyme-free extraction technique to produce the most viable mesenchymal stem cells in existence. Akan Bio will not grow, multiply, expand, or clone stem cells to increase the volume of stem cells for various treatments. What this means is that the stem cells produced with our donors and the proprietary methods of Akan Bio are the most potent viable and safe stem cells we believe in existence.

Utilizing the sound principles of science and cutting-edge technologies to extract and produce stem cells that are free of enzymes and other foreign substances that exist in media culture is also one of the reasons the US FDA has issued an Investigational New Drug (IND) approval to Akan Bio for the methodology of producing mesenchymal stem cells through stromal vascular fraction derived from adipose fat tissue.

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Partner Relationship Between Akan Biosciences and Age Bio Med

Akan Biosciences has a partner relationship with Age Bio Med (ABM) to handle all:


Current and future distribution depending on FDA status and/or approvals in the United States of America


Recruit and regulate physician and other medical professional participation and engagement


Interview, evaluate and educate current and future medical professionals to act as clinical investigators in current or upcoming FDA trials


Explain the policies of current and future INDs as they develop


Promote the benefits of stem cell banking and coordinate patient scheduling


Coordinate patient schedules for the Panama City, Panama clinic


Handle all medical professional questions and filter so that answers can be ascertained by the qualified researcher or medical professional when necessary


Coordinate and administrate financial transactions as they relate to stem cell banking or patient therapies in Panama City, Panama


The Akan and ABM cooperative goal is to immediately introduce stem cell therapies that can be used in the United States under INDs for specific therapies as quickly as possible and to direct patients to our Panama City, Panama clinic for safe stem cell procedures that may be years away from approval in the United States.

At the same time, the Panama clinic will provide more patient outcomes as a guide to create future grounds for clinical studies that may lead to more FDA approved, cutting-edge stem cell therapies in the United States and other countries. This is why the close relationship between Akan, ABM and the Panama clinic is so important.


Akan and ABM also have another immediate goal which is to bank stem cells now for future use. We realize that technology and science will continue to advance.

As new medical therapies evolve, it is important to have a base Stem Cell Health Insurance plan for up to 100 vials for future stem cell treatments. These would be your own stem cells for your use or for use by your entire immediate family. The Akan Stem Cells will have originated from you. Our long-term goal is to ensure millions of people have access to the purest mesenchymal stem cells without the influence of chemicals or mechanical interference by utilizing their own stem cells banked at an earlier date.


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Come discover a world of personalized well-being, where we blend expertise and innovation to create a unique path just for you. Let’s embark together on a special journey towards lasting vitality.

Stem Cell Banking

Take charge of your family’s health journey with stem cell banking – it’s like an insurance policy for the future. By preserving these incredible cells, you’re investing in personalized medicine possibilities that could make all the difference for you and your family.

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Stem Cell Therapies

Explore the frontier of health with stem cell therapies, unlocking the body’s regenerative potential for personalized and revolutionary treatments. It’s the future of medicine, tailored to transform and enhance well-being.

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Stem Cell Harvesting & Liposuction

Experience the synergy of beauty and science with liposuction and stem cell harvesting. This cutting-edge procedure sculpts your body and harnesses valuable stem cells for potential future regenerative therapies. 

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